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Bim - Two

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  • TWO
  • Release date: 26 March 2015
  • Album notes

    You're awesome. Thank you so much for supporting us by listening to this music. It never stops being amazing that you like our stuff.

    TWO is our second album, and though it took us a long and careful process writing and recording and performing to get this how we wanted, we're now super happy to send it out on its little way to live its life.

    We are so grateful to everyone who has supported our efforts since 2007, who makes the songs a part of their lives, road trips, relationships and daily routines, and who leaves us messages and shares the feelings. You're part of our world too.


    Thank you to the wonderful musicians in Bath, for the friendship and comradery during the last few years.

    Thank you also to Aimee, Anna, Polly and all the dancers at 3rd Stage for their tremendous can-do energy and encouragement, and Steve for his 'gestures'...

    Michael T-W for his gentle guidance and utter belief.

    Jack Lilley our favourite Frenchman, long time video shooterer and Tim putter upperer.

    The lovely Melinda Dela Costa for helping us avoid awkward selfies.

    Our beautiful and strange families for teaching us how to stay humble, laugh at ourselves and not point at the camera too much.

    Special thanks to Katy and Bill, without whom, our album artwork and logo would surely be whacktastic.

    Howie, Bailey, Amy, Tom, and all our awesome friends and contributors for their love and laughter.

    Peace, Bim xx

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